One of the most explosive exercises you can add into your routine is the Jump Squat. Used as a lower body power movement it forces you to move quickly and engage the quadricep muscles of your thigh.

If you have been wondering how to get great explosive power or speed in your strength based routine this is the best movement for you.


  1. Position legs shoulder width apart with toes pointing forward. Hands can be kept on hips or in front of you.Look straight ahead with back straight
  2. Push your hips/butt back and squat down till upper leg are at least parallel with the floor. Keep your heels planted on the ground, don’t let any part of the foot come off the ground. Knees should be behind the toes. Keep your chest up and back straight and look straight ahead.
  3. Once you reach bottom position explode up by pushing with your heels. keep your knees slightly bent throughout exercise
  4. Generate enough power to jump upwards. Depending on intensity you can jump an inch off the ground or high as you can. As you jump upwards keep both feet shoulder width apart so that you land with the same distance between them. Be sure to land on your toes.
  5. As you land on your toes this is one repetition. Continue to squat down and jump up till desired amount of repetitions.
  6. This exercise is meant to be an explosive lower body movement. Key is to not pause